Our students will soon take the 3-8 English Language Arts and Math state standardized tests.

We reaffirm our support for a parent’s right to make educational decisions for their children.

“NYS PTA strongly supports a parent’s right to make informed educational decisions for their children,” offered Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA President. “We support the right of every parent to decide what is best for their child, which includes decisions around their child’s participation in state assessment.”

Executive Director Kyle Belokopitsky added, “NYS PTA believes that schools must establish a balanced use of assessments to inform instruction without over testing or emphasizing test performance. We do not support the use of a single test or assessment for placement, promotion, retention decisions or other high-stakes decisions affecting students. Over-emphasis on high-stakes testing, especially tests that can be linked to both educator and school accountability, is detrimental to students and the education process.”

NYS PTA is committed to making every child’s potential a reality and looks forward to working with New York State officials to see that every child’s dream is achieved.