is an NEW and FREE program and service for ALL NYS PTA units.

NYS PTA has contracted with File 990 to provide a free, fast, easy, and safe way to e-file your 990-N form or 990 EZ form.  This new program also allows NYS PTA to receive information to assist units in keeping current with IRS requirements.

NYS PTA is covering the cost of the utilization of this software for yearly 990 filings for all NYS PTA units.

With this new program, units can complete and submit their form directly to the IRS in minutes and receive IRS acceptance notification within 24 hours of filing.

If you are a unit who has their IRS status revoked for non-filing, File 990 can also assist you in the reinstatement process. There is a cost to the unit for this service, in addition to the IRS mandated fees for reinstatement.

Unit Presidents/Treasurers will receive friendly email reminders from weekly after July 1 to remind your unit to file the 990 return. The return is due by November 15.

You can click the link in the email to access the system or go to Any questions, please contact

Form 990 Requirements and Information

In 2006 Federal legislation was passed requiring most non-profits, regardless of gross income, to file at minimum a 990-N (e-postcard) annually. At that time National PTA began notifying states and local units that they were now going to be required to file at least the minimum return 990-N or face revocation of their tax exempt status.

The IRS has now begin revoking the tax exempt status of all organizations required to file that have not filed for the past three years. This has significantly impact PTAs causing them to go through the lengthy process to have the IRS reinstate their tax exempt status. Below are a series of articles/resources on the revocation process as well as frequently asked questions on completing the minimum requirements of the IRS form 990.