By Gracemarie Rozea, President

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” —Jim Rohn

It’s said that each administration leaves a legacy. Each two-year administration strives to make a mark and leave the association better than it was before. Leveraging all of the hard work that was done in years past, this term has not disappointed. I can’t help but to look back in awe at what you’ve done.

Together, we have reversed a negative trend in our membership and have explored new ways to enhance growth. Together, we have employed scalable technology to help streamline membership management for local PTAs.

Realignment and restructuring of responsibilities among office staff and volunteers has enabled the association to operate more efficiently and provide high levels of quality service in a timely manner.

The hard work and dedication of PTA volunteers and staff has enabled NYS PTA to win awards, grants and opportunities to participate in economically beneficial programs. The financial health of NYS PTA has never been better, and you are the ones responsible.

We were awarded three National PTA recognitions this year, celebrating the strengthened results of our advocacy efforts, the effectiveness of our diversity initiatives, and the success of our membership campaign.

But legacies are about the past. Although it feels good to review our achievements and admire our trophies, it’s more important to turn our heads and look forward.

Our members are the real gears in the NYS PTA machine. Simply put, you make us go. So, let’s go! It’s time for everybody to take a step forward.
To those who are our current unit/council leaders – you must train your members so that they can do the important work that you do now, freeing you to fill in the spaces left by those of us who have moved on. To those who are not yet leaders – consider strengthening our association by stepping up and showcasing your skills.

Cultivating and fertilizing the garden of grassroots should be a high priority for each of us.

25 days. I’ve been counting for a while now and the timer is down to just 25 days until my term as president of the New York State PTA comes to an end.
When my journey began, it seemed as though the road to November 2018 would be very long. I am astonished at how quickly the time has passed. But here I am, just a few short weeks away. I’ve done my best to act as a strong steward for the association.

You have made my job easy. The accomplishments of the past two years pass the test of whether or not we have built on what was left for us. For that I feel proud and honored to have worked with each and every one of you.

Now it’s your turn. It’s time to start building the next legacy. There’s no time for complacency. Everyone can contribute by watering those grassroots to ensure a continuous supply of trained leaders.

Whether you are stepping out of your comfort zone and getting involved for the first time, or stepping into a new leadership position where you will teach, guide, and enable those who want to learn, you foster the organic growth necessary to keep NYS PTA in place as the most united and well-organized advocate for our children.

Strive to maintain or even accelerate the momentum we’ve achieved. Every potential leader has something to offer. The identification, training and placing of new leaders is essential to a successful future. This process is what has always worked, and will continue to do so, guaranteeing our children always have a powerful, unified, wide-reaching voice.

Leadership growth from within our ranks is part of our culture. It’s what keeps us fresh, new, and, most importantly, the most powerful and relevant advocate for the needs of our children.