January 11, 2021 (Albany)  – NYS PTA is thrilled with today’s election and announcement that Dr. Lester W. Young, Jr. will serve as the next Chancellor of the Board of Regents.  Chancellor Young’s long tenure in public education and his continued commitment to our children is unparalleled.  His experience and dedication will only amplify the critical and important work the Board of Regents and the State Education Department is accomplishing.

“Dr. Young’s work focusing on family engagement and diversity and inclusion should be applauded,” offered NYS PTA President Dana Platin. “As a school-related professional in a kindergarten classroom, I am excited to continue discussions on critical topics facing students, educators and schools each day.”

“The Board of Regents made an incredible choice in Chancellor Young,” offered NYS PTA Executive Director Kyle Belokopitsky. “Dr. Young’s entire career has been supporting children and families, and our 250,000 members will know that their voice will continue to be heard, and our partnership will continue to grow under his future leadership.”