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Ready to start collecting payments and forms online for free? Thousands of PTAs across the country count on Cheddar Up for events, fundraising, spirit wear stores, enrichment programs, dues and more, and here’s why:

  • – Collect online payments and create custom forms
  • – Robust group tracking and reporting
  • – In-person payments with our Bluetooth card readers
  • – Paying is easy for parents—no app or account needed
  • – Easy handoff year to year
  • – Flexible enough to collect for anything
  • – Your PTA can use it for free (by staying on our free Basic plan and keeping convenience fees passed to the payer!)
  • – Collect credit cards + cash/check + eChecks (eCheck payment method can be as low as a flat $0.59/txn)

Exclusive Promo for NYS PTA:
Scan this QR Code to receive our PTA Starter Kit. Jump start your PTA’s creativity with our exclusive list of the Top 10 School Fundraisers across the U.S. This proprietary list is the result of querying thousands of campaigns across the country.

Not only does the list include what those fundraisers are, but it also includes example campaign pages for each, plus the average (and highest) amounts collected per fundraiser! And while your PTA can always use Cheddar Up free forever, if you’re interested in an upgrade, when you download this kit, you’ll also receive an exclusive 50% off coupon!

How does Cheddar Up work?

Example Cheddar Up Collection Pages