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By Jacqueline Wilson, Bylaws Coordinator

Bylaws and procedures provide for the authority and administration of the affairs of the PTA. Bylaws include all the rules that the PTA considers important. Procedures are details of monthly PTA work.

As the end of the PTA year approaches it is important to review these two documents that help manage your PTA.

Your bylaws MUST be renewed every three years. If you do not have a copy of your current bylaws, you can contact your Region Director or Region Bylaws Chair. Bylaws expiration dates are January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

If your bylaws will expire on October 1, 2019, NOW is the time to appoint a bylaws committee to allow enough time to review and edit the bylaws, and with 30 days’ notice, present them to your membership at your September general meeting. Remember that PTA units that do not have bylaws that are up to date are not eligible for any PTA grants or awards, and your members would not have voting privileges at Convention.

A procedures document is necessary to supplement the bylaws. It is vital to review these at least once a year.

If you have never had procedures, now is a perfect time to appoint a procedures committee who can begin their work, and perhaps meet over the summer to be able to bring some completed documents to the unit in September.

Procedures can be amended or adopted at any PTA Executive Board meeting. Keep procedures in a loose-leaf binder, so items can be added and changed easily.

You should have procedures for all events of the PTA, awards given, job descriptions for officers and chairs, etc. Once a member takes on an event, office or chairmanship, the procedures will be a guide to help them have a better understanding of their role and responsibilities for your PTA.

Copies of your bylaws and procedures must be available at every PTA meeting.

It is vital that the current executive committee pass these documents onto the newly-elected officers prior to July 1, when they will be assuming their positions.

For more information on bylaws and procedures, go to the NYS PTA Resource Guide, Section 7, Bylaws and Procedures.