[NYPT Summer 2018]

  • NYS PTA received the “Jan Harpe Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award” for outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity, inclusion and efforts to end discriminatory practices.
  • NYS PTA was one of the five inaugural cohort participants and awardees for the National PTA “Family Engagement Innovation Challenge”, charged with identifying new and impactful approaches to engaging families in student success.
  • NYS PTA received the National PTA “2018 Outstanding State PTA Advocacy Award” awarded for dedication, leadership and efforts that positively affected legislative and/or regulatory policy compatible with PTA’s mission and goals.
  • NYS PTA received two appointments to the inaugural cohort for the National PTA Latino and Hispanic Outreach Initiative, supporting expansion of outreach to Hispanic and Latino children and families.
  • NYS PTA received a Silver Membership Growth Award from National PTA for having the second highest growth of large state PTAs at the end of the May reporting period.