Our new NYS PTA Membership Management system – replaced the Unit Portal effective May 2018
STATE DUES PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE END OF EACH MONTH! Presidents or Treasurers need to login to MemberHub, click Admin Console button, click on the STATE PAYMENTS link on the right side of the PTA/PTSA tab and initiate the ACH Transfer/e-check. (Merchant Agreement must be completed first -located in the MONEY tab)

FAQ document – revised 9/13/18 – DOWNLOAD HERE

For MemberHub/WePay technical issues, please submit a ticket to or click on the chat button if available within MemberHub
– Please use Google Chrome as your browser when using MemberHub
GETTING STARTED – Step by Step Videos linked below
 – MemberHub login Video (visit and click the button to create a password)
 – Adding Officers Video (replaces Form A)
 – Adding Members Video
 – Sending Email Blasts Video
MemberHub Support Help Articles linked below
Merchant Processing Agreement – Help Article
 – Setting Up Your Store – Help Article
New Custom Bundled Membership – Help Article
– Void/Edit a Membership Record you entered
What is my unit’s link for members to join online?– If your unit has completed the Merchant Processing Agreement, your unit can now accept online payments for membership. Unit admins can go to the STORE Admin tab to check the settings and to preview the store.
To capture the link to your store – click on VIEW STORE  (top right) and copy and paste the url at the top of the page (formatted like this –  Be sure to test the link first to make sure it works before publishing.
SYSTEM BUGS as of 9/4/2018 
1. There was a brief period when someone was added to a second organization, that organization would not show up in their Switch Org menu (click on their name in the top right). The underlying issue has been corrected, however, there are some that still need to be “hooked up” manually. Please contact and let them know the email address of your account and the name of the organization you should have access to.
2. Scheduled emails are not going out at the scheduled date/time. In the queue to be fixed.
3. Categories cannot be deleted in the store. If you create a category and wish to delete later, you are not able to. Contact to request that it be deleted for now. Click on the category to be deleted and send MH that URL to help confirm the category to be deleted more quickly.
2017-2018 Membership Roster
For a complete 2017-18 Member Roster, please contact the state office for assistance.