System Bugs – check back here for updates when fix is deployed! Report system issues NOT explained in the FAQ to

Known Bugs being worked on 7/17/18:

1) Online Membership – Requiring Mobile phone when email is already listed

2) Membership Bundle – Allowing same email for both members and members not showing up in member list

Download the FAQ document here! – UPDATED 7/17/18

Step by Step instruction Videos available here!

ONLINE MEMBERSHIP – If your unit has completed the Merchant Processing Agreement (link available in the Money Tab), your unit can now accept online payments for membership. Go to your STORE tab to check the settings and to preview the store. Capture the url for your store by clicking VIEW STORE  (top right) or use the link below and replace the text in RED with your site’s subdomain  Be sure to test the link first to make sure it’s correct.
FORM A has been replaced with the ADD OFFICER function in MemberHub (watch video here)
BROWSER ISSUES – IE Internet Explorer browser does not work properly with MemberHub, please download Google Chrome or Firefox
For a complete 2017-18 Member Roster, please contact the state office for assistance.
MemberHub Login Steps:
1. Visit: <>
2. Enter your email address and choose the 2nd option, “I need to create a password,” then click “Next” and follow the instructions (if you haven’t already logged in with a password)