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ICAS assists schools to create healthy and safe environments by understanding challenges, implementing policies, and assuring a successful solution customized to your individual school’s needs.

For over 40 years, we have provided our customers with advanced, innovative technologies that meet the demands of the environment while working to make schools safer and more productive.

About Real-Time Vape and Air Quality Detection

The vape detector is a real-time vaping and elevated sound incident detection solution and smart alert system that gives you control of areas where you cannot place a camera.

When a sensor detects chemicals from vaping, it sends an immediate, location-specific notification to the computers or mobile devices of one or more designated school officials. Vape detectors are a cutting-edge solution for detecting vaping and bullying – particularly in school bathrooms and locker rooms.

Benefits of Vaping Detection System

  • Easy Installation and Set-Up
  • Successfully Identify and Manage Incidents
  • Deterrence of Harmful Behavior
  • Supports State Laws and Compliances
  • Zero Invasion of Student Privacy
  • Sound Anomaly Detection
  • Identify Air Quality
  • Grant Funding Opportunities Available

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