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How to Find Your Kids’ Reading Unicorn Books Online for FREE

reading unicorn [‘rē-diᶇ \ ‘yü-nǝ-,kȯrn]
Noun – A mythical perfect book at the perfect reading level with the perfect content; often mistaken for flashy covers masquerading as quality; recognizable by producing instantaneous joy on the faces of children.

Top 5 Ways to Get Your Kids Excited to Read

“‘But reading is boring!’  If your kiddos have ever uttered those words, you’ve been in the same place most parents have…But perhaps it’s time to restrategize!”

“Students don’t often think outside the book box, but there are tons of ways they can read, especially when all of the choices are within a single platform like LightSail.”

Why Websites to Read Books for Free Benefit Struggling Readers

“There is so much that can be accomplished with digital books, and LightSail for Reading at Home is eager to demonstrate to your children the advantages of embracing the digital world.”

“No matter how you choose to customize your digital book and platform, getting books into kids’ hands is the main goal…”

Let LightSail Track Reading for You!

“Somewhere, wadded up at the bottom of your child’s backpack, or lost among the plethora of emails, is the Reading Tracker from your child’s teacher.”

“While LightSail’s automatic reading tracker is an awesome feature, it’s only the stepping stone to a great experience.”

Is My Child Reading on Grade Level?  How to Find Out!

“LightSail’s platform provides all the tools you need for at-home Lexile reading.  Our program includes an initial Lexile assessment and a library packed with grade level reading books.  Built-in cloze activities increase your student’s fluency and allow us to continually evaluate Lexile growth.”

5 Ways to Help Your Struggling Reader

“It’s no fun to stumble through every selection recommended for kids their age.  Rather, children feel accomplished and successful when their books match their current abilities.”

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