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The New York Council on Problem Gambling (NYCPG) is a not-for-profit independent corporation dedicated to increasing public awareness about problem and disordered gambling and advocating for support services and treatment for persons adversely affected by problem gambling. NYCPG maintains a neutral stance on gambling and is governed by a Board of Directors.

Part of what we do at NYCPG is working with communities and groups to prevent underage gambling.

There are so many other issues, why should I be concerned about underage gambling?

Problem gambling can start young; really young. In fact, 39.5% of youth age 12-17 have gambled this past year, and 30% of these youth state that they began gambling at age 10 or younger. The earlier a child starts gambling, the more likely they are to have problems due to gambling.

Underage Gambling Factsheet

Today, the explosion of internet gambling and gaming opportunities — plus the inescapable advertising and marketing of gaming and gambling everywhere from television to the corner store — relentlessly expose our children to enticing messages of winning, risk-taking and excitement from a very early age. The line between gambling and gaming is getting blurrier every day.

How can parents and PTOs reduce the risks associated with underage gambling?

Learn more about the dangers of underage gambling and the importance of developing media literacy skills at www.YOUthDecideNY.org.  You(th) Decide NY is a resource for youth, parents and communities, interested in giving YOU(th) the power to DECIDE to make healthy choices for themselves, their families and communities regarding underage gambling.

Learn More about Underage Gambling

Take the pledge to talk to your kids, or kids that you lead, about your feelings about, and the dangers of, underage gambling.  Use teachable moments like advertisements, movies, and music that you see/hear together to start the conversation.  Tips for having a conversation with children around the issue of underage gambling can be found at Talk2Kids.org Talk2Kids is a campaign designed to give parents to tools necessary to talk to their kids about gambling.

Declare your family and youth events gambling-free, or help your school add underage gambling to their policies.

If you would like more information about preventing underage gambling in New York State, please reach out to Jaime Costello, Prevention & Training Bureau Director, NYCPG at JCostello@NYProblemGambling.org or (518) 852-7107.

Thank you for your support in preventing underage gambling in New York State and for helping to keep our youth and communities safe!

If you or someone you know is struggling with negative consequences caused by gambling, please reach out to the Problem Gambling Resource Center in your region today.