“Diversity to me is being intentional and proactive ‘valuing’ that our schools and communities are diverse beyond race and cultural differences, and that is what makes us stronger.”

“I believe ‘equity’ is fairness in overall procedures and ‘inclusion’ is making sure everyone has an equal opportunity.”

“Inclusion is the step before equity. Inclusion is not only opening the door to new people and giving them a seat, but also allowing them to speak and, more importantly, be heard and considered.“

“Diversity is the concept that all people are different – different experiences, upbringings, ideologies, beliefs, etc., even among people who might share a culture, ethnicity or nationality.”

“Diversity brings in new thoughts and experiences, and people can learn from one another.”

“Inclusion means meeting people where they are, not waiting for them to come to us.”

“Just because a parent is bilingual does not mean that’s all they can contribute to PTA. There is a lot more to that person than their cultural background.”

“Recognizing that we all have biases that affect our behaviors and decisions is probably the biggest hurdle we need to overcome.”

“We must assure we include children with disabilities when advocating for equity and inclusion in schools and communities.”