Clean, renewable energy for everyone

In partnership with the New York State PTA, Ampion and Renewable Access are connecting people and solar energy companies to lower costs and protect the environment. Community Solar is one of the easiest ways to support local clean power generation and save money. For each approved signup through this webpage, your local PTA will receive a $50 donation and each subscriber will receive a $50 Visa gift card.*


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Clean, renewable energy for everyone.

Solar energy is clean, safe, and renewable. Ampion makes it easy to access. We connect people with solar farms – avoiding the need for expensive solar panels on their roof. Protect the environment and save money! Our subscribers see an average savings of 10% on their annual electricity bill – all while cutting their carbon footprint.

How does it work?

Join a Solar Farm

When you join Ampion, we review your annual electricity usage to assign you a share of a local solar farm. Then we communicate to your utility company that you will be receiving a portion of the solar farm’s production each month.

Credit on your electric bill

You receive your portion of power as “solar energy credits” that appear on your electric bill. Your credits offset the final balance you owe your utility for your electric consumption.

Save money – and protect the environment

After you receive your monthly credits, you’ll receive a bill from us for your subscription. We’ll charge you at a discount based on your credits’ value. You’ll save an estimated 10% of your annual electricity costs.

As an Ampion subscriber, you can always view your solar production, cost savings, and environmental impact with our online portal.