SELY (Social Emotional Learning for Youth) is a purpose-based educational game created and distributed by ICAS Corp. under the ICAS Innovation program. ICAS is an information technology company that supports schools and parents by creating a safe and effective learning environment for students. 

To build and maintain relationships, children must be aware of themselves and others. This means perceiving and considering how their feelings and actions coincide with forming lasting friendships and practicing effective communication. Especially in today’s society, children may have difficulty understanding and expressing their own emotions, as well as understanding the ones of those around them. That’s why SELY was developed.

About SELY

The SELY program is a digital tool that helps schools assess the awareness of emotional intelligence in a small group, entire class, or individual. The goal is to explore the students’ ability to understand, use, and manage their own emotions in positive ways. To begin, the platform administrator grants access, then the school assigns educators as supervisors for the students. The game is composed of different scenarios in which Rolly, the main character, guides the students through. 

The algorithm provides insight into whether students may be lacking or sufficient in emotion recognition and response. SELY uses unique situations designed to stimulate an answer on how to recognize, name, and react when different emotions are involved.

Schools provide natural ‘playgrounds’ for students to learn and practice how to react in different settings, express their feelings in constructive ways, and recognize how others feel.

SELY’s Benefits

  • Easy to Use for Students and Instructors
  • Bright and Colorful Animations and Graphics
  • Optimized for Youth Attention Spans
  • Progress Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

SELY can be a standalone program or supplemental resource to current curriculum and customized for group classes or one-on-one lessons.

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Activity Alert!

SELY strives to include the world of emotions in students’ daily lives, ultimately creating self-awareness and awareness of others’ feelings. It is vital to support the mental health of students. This can be done in numerous ways, including the integration of social-emotional learning into curriculums.   

Bring SELY and Rolly into the classroom! Students will be able to view different emotions that Rolly is feeling and decide if any of their emotions match, while also beginning to associate different colors with different feelings. Download and print SELY’s poster of emotions HERE!

SELY’s worksheets encourage students to color and label the emotion they see on the page. Students will be able to choose the color they feel best represents Rolly’s facial expression and have the opportunity to decide and write down which emotion(s) the faces can represent. Download the SELY worksheets HERE!

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