Outside of NYC, here are the times for the average school district:

HS students: Start 7:40, wake 5:50 -hrs of sleep 6h 17m
MS students: Start 7:48, wake 5:58, hrs of sleep 6h 41m
ES students: Start 8:30*, wake 7:00, hrs of sleep 8h 56m
HS teachers wake 5:55 am
Bus Drivers wake 4:50 am
*based on earliest time in district

Who we are:

Start School Later is a nationwide not-for-profit organization dedicated to informing and educating the public to become aware
that early start times limit the amount of sleep students can get. This “short sleep” deprives students of restorative sleep and leads to poor learning, risky behaviors, emotional problems, automobile accidents, poor athletic performance and athletic injuries.