Starting November 2020, the Ashokan Center invites school groups and families to experience live, online Virtual Field Trips via Zoom. Dynamic, inspiring activities will be taught by an educator from Ashokan’s 385 acre preserve, bringing environmental subjects to life and empowering local and global youth to take positive action in their own communities.

The trips are aligned with NYS learning standards and tailored to Grade Levels 3-7 / Ages 8-12, but can be enjoyed by all ages. Interwoven in each episode is a connection to sustainability and environmental stewardship, as well as a theme of resilience during challenging times. 

Each live, interactive hour-long field trip is a unique learning experience enhanced by a cinematic video segment in the field and culminating in interactive activities and a Q&A to help deepen students’ understanding. Youngsters will become familiar with identifying microorganisms in a water sample, knowing the importance of pollinator insects, and spotting the defining traits of many majestic NY State birds and trees.

Optional follow-up activities (art, writing, and research projects) are included, along with vetted online resources for further investigation. With each virtual field trip, students will discover ways to lead change within their own communities with fun projects that help the environment.

Stemming from more than half-century-long tradition of bringing kids into the forest and fresh air, these new Virtual Field Trips seek to meet the needs of schools and families who are not able to attend in person this season due to the pandemic. Schools may schedule a group session any weekday for their class. LEARN MORE HERE

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