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The Walking Classroom is a national award-winning education program that provides students and teachers in grades 3 through 8 with an innovative way to get exercise without sacrificing instructional time.

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Students walk while listening to fun, custom-written, curriculum-aligned educational podcasts.

The program can be used for:

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“I’m lucky that I was able to provide the students with an educational tool that allowed them to learn as they tried to get fresh air during this pandemic.”
—Arin Kress, Ohio

How The Walking Classroom Program Works

The Walking Classroom program is simple: Students take brisk 20-minute walks as a class while listening to the same custom-written, kid-friendly podcast that comes preloaded on their WalkKit (audio player) or via our new mobile app.

Each podcast begins with a brief health literacy message and includes a character value woven throughout the narrative. The lesson plans and quizzes in the available Teacher’s Guide help educators effectively discuss and review the podcast material.

Aligned to state standards, the podcast topics include English language arts, social studies, science, and more.

“I would love to allow students who are not able to connect to the Internet to learn by something other than another packet of worksheets.”
—Jennifer Dunn, teacher, KY

Two Options for Listening to Podcasts

We offer both a mobile App and our preloaded WalkKit audio player, making the program available to anyone—Internet or no Internet. With either one, your students can get fresh air and exercise while they’re learning — screen-free!

1—Our preloaded WalkKit audio players

The simplicity of our preloaded WalkKit audio players (with a school year’s worth of podcasts) makes remote learning easier for students with no Internet or mobile devices. 

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2—Our new mobile app

Download our app from the App Store or Google Play for only $3.99/mo! Get 191 fun, educational podcasts with built-in discussion questions right in the app. (Contact us about bulk purchases of our browser-based app!)

Get a FREE electronic Teacher’s Guide ($100 value) with your subscription through 12/31/20!  

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“Now more than ever with our COVID restrictions and change of instruction, The Walking Classroom will provide teachers with the perfect tool to implement with a variety of options too.”
—Susan Isner, West Virginia

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Program Details

Podcast Topics

Check out the full list of Walking Classroom educational podcast topics and their related health messages and character values below.

“With all the changes, I am looking forward to making The Walking Classroom a major part of my instruction this year.”
—Paige Langston, North Carolina


The positive link between exercise and cognitive function

In addition to the obvious health benefits of walking, there is much research confirming the link between exercise and cognitive function. Students return to the classroom in better moods, more focused, and more likely to engage in post-walk discussions. Teachers regularly report that after implementing The Walking Classroom, students retain the information better, demonstrate better behavior and engagement in the classroom, and perform better on standardized exams.

Read this research study done by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill confirming the positive impact of walking on learning.

While all students benefit from the increased activity and educational content of The Walking Classroom, inactive children and children with low academic achievement stand to benefit the most. The Walking Classroom also provides teachers and out-of-school time professionals with an innovative tool to meet the needs of their students with alternative learning styles such as ADHD, dyslexia, and/or autism.