[NYPT Fall 2018]

By Susanne Smoller, Juvenile Protection Specialist

This November, there are a number of juvenile protection resolutions that will be voted on at Convention in November.

The Limiting Child Labor and Fingerprinting Children resolutions are being presented as retentions. [Retentions are adopted resolutions that are up for renewal without any revision; delegates may therefore re-affirm or reject them in their current form, but may not amend them.]

The Missing Children resolution is being updated to reflect current laws.

Whether you are a PTA leader bringing forward these resolutions for review and a vote at your unit, or a PTA member interested in these topics, here are some resources to help with your explanations and/or further research:

Missing Children Resolutions:

Limiting Child Labor Resolution:

Fingerprinting Children Resolution:

You are also encouraged to attend the Resolutions Briefing at the NYS PTA Convention, where you can ask all your questions about these existing and new proposed resolutions.