Leadership Webinar Series

Has this happened to you? You intended to go to the PTA training, but you a) got home late; b) couldn’t find a sitter; c) were too tired for a long drive at night.

The Solution is here: NYS PTA Webinars!

NYS PTA is hosting a series of webinar trainings for local and region PTA leaders. You can train at home, with a friend, or at a PTA meeting; all you need is a computer with good internet connection or a phone to participate via conference call.

All leadership webinars are recorded so you can watch them anytime. You can also download all the presentation slides and follow along. Scroll down to view the previous webinars and download the slides.

Leadership Webinars

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Nominations and Elections presented by Jacqueline Wilson [February 25, 2020]
Updated Documents
The Region PTA: All about Region PTAs and what they do –[January 16, 2020] Presented by Gracemarie Rozea
Building Great Relationships with School and District Leadership [December 18, 2019] Presented by Antoinette Darden-Cintron
Family Engagement: Welcoming All Families in Your School Community [November 13, 2019]
Fiscal Fitness for Units: a Guide for Treasurers [October 16, 2019]

2020 Leadership Webinars

PTA the Best Way [October 7, 2020]

Slide Deck for PTA the Best Way

Handout to accompany PTA the Best Way

2018-2019 Leadership Webinars

Bylaws and Procedures: Navigating the Way through Your PTA [October 9, 2018]
Together is Better: Your Building‐Unit Partnership in Advocacy [November 15, 2018]
Nominations and Elections [February 28, 2019]
Transitions & Transformations: Effective Transitions for your PTA [April 3, 2019]

2017-2018 Leadership Webinars

“Be It Resolved”…Time for Resolutions! [January 17, 2018]
Creating an Inclusive Culture of Volunteer Engagement [April 19, 2018]
Dealing with Difficult People and Conflicts [May 23, 2018]