NYS PTA is hosting a series of webinar trainings and recorded workshops for local and region PTA leaders. You can train at home, with a friend, or at a PTA meeting; all you need is a computer with good internet connection or a phone to participate via conference call. 

Current Leadership Webinars and Workshops

Current Webinars


5/10/2023- Get in Shape Fiscal Fitness Tips
     –Click Here for PowerPoint

4/25/2023- AIM Insurance Renewal Webinar
     – Click Here for Powerpoint

4/4/2023- Tech Toolkit 
     – Click Here for Powerpoint

3/13/2023- Bylaws 101 Webinar

2/8/2023- The PTA, the School Board and the Superintendent; A Recipe for Success

1/5/2023- Debunking PTA Membership Myths Webinar


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12/7/2022- We Advocate and You Can Too!

11/15/2022- Nominations and Elections- It’s a Mystery to Me

9/20/2022- Why Recognitions Matter

9/13/2022Membership Train”ing”

6/8/2022- All About the Region Board

5/17/2022- Maximizing In- Person Learning: A Candid Conversation About Keeping Our Kids Safely in School During Covid Times

5/12/2022- A Focus on Youth Mental Health Webinar

5/4/2022- There’s no place like PTA: Programs Together with Awards

4/27/2022- AIM Insurance Webinar

4/6/2022- Finish the PTA Year Strong, Start Next Year Even Stronger

3/2/2022- Leadership Development Webinar: Tech Tool Kit: Free and Low Cost Tools to Improve Organizational Effectiveness
Tech Toolkit Webinar-slides

2/2/2022Leadership Development Webinar: Hot Topics in Education – Live panel event

1/27/2022- PTA Movie License for Educational and Family Engagement Activities SWANK Movie Licensing

1/5/2022- Nominations and Elections It’s a Mystery to Me!

12/8/2021- A Leadership Development Webinar: How Can My PTA Engage in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion?, Click HERE for a PDF version of the presentation

11/16/2021- Gaming & Gambling: What this blurred line means for your teens

11/3/2021- A leadership development opportunity: Treasurer Topics and Financial Planning for your unit

11/2/2021- NYS PTA and Girls with Impact webinar

10/28/2021- Insurance Webinar with AIM and NYS PTA

10/26/2021- Ways to Maximize your Spirit Wear Offering with K-12 Clothing and NYS PTA

10/6/2021 – “How to Engage Families and Boost Membership: Strategies for the 3rd Pandemic School Year”

9/1/2021 – Getting Your PTA Ready for School Reopening in the New Normal

6/9/2021 – PTA Year Wrap Webchat with NYS PTA Leaders

5/5/2021 – Be Audit Awesome – RecordingSlide Deck

Audit Report Sample; Audit Worksheet fillable form; Audit Report fillable form

4/7/2021 – The PTA Council – Recording

3/30/2021 – Parenting in a Digital Age – Recording

3/18/2021 – Everything PTA Insurance, presented by AIM – RecordingSlide Deck

3/3/2021 – All About Awards – Recording

2/18/2021 – Support the Whole Child: A Focus on Student Mental Health – RecordingHandout

Genesee Valley Region PTA, Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach Webinar – Recording

2/10/2021 – Virtual Nominations and Elections – RecordingSlide DeckHandout

2/3/2021 – Technology Tools – Recording and Slide Deck

1/6/2021 – Nominations and Elections

    • Recording – please note that at the 45 minute mark we lose sound for approximately two minutes

10/13/2020- Membership Your Way – Recording and Slide Deck

10/7/2020 – PTA the Best Way – Recording and Handout

8/26/2020 – Are You Ready For Your First Meeting of the Year? – Recording

8/13/2020 – PTA in a Re-imagined School Environment – Slide Deck

7/23/2020 – Special Education Advocacy – Recording

7/9/2020 – Officer and Chair Transitions –  Recording

6/4/2020 – Student Mental Health with Partners MHANYS and NYSSCA – Recording

5/13/2020 – PTA Finance – Recording

4/29/2020 – PTA Operations – Recording (Please note – School Board and Budget Elections have been set for June 9, 2020 and will be conducted by absentee balloting).

Current Workshops

    • Child Development 101: What Parents Need to Know to Promote Mental Health and Wellness- Presentation

    • Membership Your Way – Advocating for Children – Presentation

    • See Through the Vapor: E-cigarettes and the Youth Vaping Epidemic – Presentation

    • A Parent’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19 Education – Presentation

    • How to Host Virtual PTA Events Successfully Using Modern Technology – Presentation

    • Parents, Teachers and Counselors: Working Together for the Needs of Your Child – Presentation

    • Family Engagement Challenge: How to Include All Families in Your PTA – Presentation

    • Intersectionality: Discussions on Diversity, Privilege, and Identity – Presentation

    • Challenging Times: How Can PTA Support You? – Presentation

    • The “T” in PTA: Working as a Team During a Pandemic – Presentation

    • MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics – Presentation

    • Back to School and Germ Prevention in the New Normal – Presentation

    • Every Child Healthy: Supporting Your Child’s Health and Wellness – Presentation

    • Support for the Whole Childe: A Focus on Student Mental Health – Presentation

    • Courageous Conversations: Diversity and Inclusion – Presentation

Current Summer Leadership Presentations -July/August 2020

    1. Mental Health Panel – Presentation

    1. MemberHub Basics for Units  – Presentation

    1. Meet Your Region Membership Chair  – Presentation

    1. Men – PTA Your Way! – Presentation

    1. Building a Successful Team  – Handout – Presentation

    1. The Ethics and Ideals of PTA Leadership 

    1. The Power of PTA Mentoring 

    1. Honoring Our Members  – Presentation

    1. Running a Reflections Program with the 2020-21 Theme: I Matter Because…  – Presentation

    1. Fostering the Love of Reading with a Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) Program  – Presentation

    1. Hot Topics in Schools  – Presentation 

    1. Why SEPTA?  – Presentation 

    1. Igniting a Passion for PTA Advocacy  – Presentation 

    1. Your Unit Budget – From Start to Finish  – Presentation

    1. Financial Fundamentals for MemberHub –Presentation

    1. Treasurer Topics  – Presentation

    1. How to Run an Effective Meeting  – Presentation 

    1. Nominations and Elections During the Pandemic – It’s a Mystery to Me – Handout 1 – Handout 2 –  Presentation 

    1. MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics  – Handout  – Presentation 

    1. How to Say Anything to Anyone  – Presentation

    1. Region Boardmanship  – Presentation

    1. Bylaws for Region Chairs and Region Directors  – Presentation

Archived (Old) Webinars

Nominations and Elections

The Region PTA: All about Region PTAs and what they do

Building Great Relationships with School and District Leadership

Family Engagement: Welcoming All Families in Your School Community

Fiscal Fitness for Units: a Guide for Treasurers

Bylaws and Procedures: Navigating the Way through Your PTA

Together is Better: Your Building‐Unit Partnership in Advocacy

Nominations and Elections

Transitions & Transformations: Effective Transitions for your PTA

“Be It Resolved”…Time for Resolutions!

Creating an Inclusive Culture of Volunteer Engagement

Dealing with Difficult People and Conflicts