10-462 Hicksville SEPTA (Nassau Region)

Special Education PTAs are a vital resource for parents, but not all school districts are lucky enough to have one. Unlike a PTA or PTSA, a Special Education PTA (commonly referred to as SEPTA or SEPTSA) serves students throughout the whole district, rather than serving those in one building.

Hicksville SEPTA earned the Savvy Award this September. If you are not familiar with the Savvy award, the criteria to win this award is to reach 100% of your Membership Goal (found in MemberHub) and pay NYS PTA dues by 9/30. 

At the end of the 2021-2022 school year, Hicksville SEPTA had 135 members. This school year, their goal was 144. As of October 31st, this SEPTA has (insert drumroll) an ASTOUNDING 570 members!

Alyssa Fiorese, Vice President of Hicksville SEPTA, says “We can’t take any credit for this! This is the result of hard work and dedication of the Hicksville Congress of Teachers President, Stephanie Sullo.”

Hicksville is a Union Free school district, so there is no teachers’ union.  However they do have a teacher organization – H.C.T. Hicksville Congress of Teachers

“The H.C.T. President, Stephanie, is a Special Education Teacher and so supportive of our SEPTA. She wanted to try a new initiative and it is really taking off!”, says Alyssa. “Stephanie’s plan is the have each teacher join their building’s PTA and the membership fee also includes the SEPTA membership fee as well”.

There are a few fundraisers during the year, like Color Street and they also sell Hershey Park tickets for a Spring Fundraiser, “But this increase in memberships will allow us to give the kids extra scholarships and achievement awards.”, said Alyssa. “As a board we will continue to encourage families to join. We have speakers at each meeting and focus district wide on Family Engagement. Our next big night is our ‘Build A Binder Workshop’ for parents which is led by our Special Ed/PPS Department. We offer two different sessions where parents are guided to create a binder for their 504 or IEP students.”

There is no doubt that SEPTAs everywhere can benefit from such a wonderful collaboration. Thank you to Stephanie Sullo for such a wonderful campaign to Support Kids and Raise Awareness, and show the value of the Hicksville SEPTA! 



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