By Kyle McCauley Belokopitsky, Esq., Executive Director

As the school year end draws near, I always like to take time for reflection.

Did my son have a fun year, filled with innovative learning experiences and play? Did my PTA unit support our children the best we could? Did NYS PTA accomplish its goal of making every child’s potential a reality?

And often, I come to the conclusion that it’s been a fantastic year: NYS PTA volunteers truly made a difference once again.

From fighting for more resources for mental health support and education, to stopping the legalization of recreational marijuana in the state budget, NYS PTA made a difference.

From advocating to ban flavors for e-cigarettes, to calling for a review of the state assessments, NYS PTA made a difference.

From having children’s traffic safety events across the state, to supporting new and innovative family engagement practices and ideas, NYS PTA made a difference.

And most importantly, from our members impacting and supporting children and families in their own schools and communities, NYS PTA made a difference.

Know that NYS PTA is always here to help your children, your families, your unit, your school, your council, your region succeed.

We hope you have a wonderful summer, as we keept fighting together to truly make a difference time and time again.