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As a PTA Member, you receive free and useful information, numerous discounts and special rates. Please see below to learn how to take advantage of these offers!

National PTA Marketplace

National PTA has opened a new “Marketplace” where you can find Member Discount Offers, Fundraising information and more.

 Swank Movie Licensing USA

Swank Movie Licensing USA offers a Public Performance Site License, on behalf of 21 major motion picture studios, to K-12 schools so they can legally show entertainment films. As a NYS PTA Unit, you will receive discounted prices with Swank.

Mountain America Credit Union

Mountain America Credit Union is a federally chartered credit union, regulated by the National Credit Union Administration, an agency of the federal government. A full-service financial institution, we educate members about money matters and provide resources such as in-branch financial advisors, online and print newsletters, educational brochures, seminars and community involvement, to help members and nonmembers alike make informed financial decisions.


GoGuardian helps protect children online. GoGuardian software helps your child’s educators maximize the benefits of using technology in the classroom while helping minimize the risks associated with the internet. GoGuardian TeacherTM, helps educators better understand and respond to the child’s needs in real time.