Hunger Solutions New York is a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating hunger. We strive to maximize participation in, and the effectiveness of, federally funded nutrition assistance programs including:

Did you Know?

1 in 6 children in NY were food insecure even before COVID-19 worsened our nation’s hunger crisis. Federal nutrition programs reduce hunger and improve children’s health, but many kids are missing out on the nutrition they need.

Hunger Solutions New York works one-on-one with school districts to maximize the use of these programs and ensure all children have the nutrition they need to stay healthy and succeed.

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How can PTAs Help?

  • Expand the reach of school meals. Partner with your school to promote school meals and encourage your school to explore ways to extend free meals beyond the pandemic. Learn how school meals can support social-emotional school climates here.
  • Ensure year-round access to healthy food. Encourage your school to serve free, healthy meals for kids over the summer break and in afterschool programs, and help families learn about meal programs where they are available. Learn more and access outreach resources: &
  • Connect families with SNAP. Schools benefit from increased SNAP participation & families get the nutrition they need at home to stay healthy. 34% of SNAP recipients are children. They are more likely to be in good health and are at lower risk of developmental delays. Nationally, SNAP keeps more than 3.8 million children out of poverty. Learn how you can help more families connect with SNAP:
  • Connect families with children under age five with WIC. Less than one-half of eligible women, infants and children participate in WIC. With most WIC clinics providing remote services, and with the new eWIC card and WIC2Go app, it’s easier than ever to participate. And now through the end of the year, moms and kids get a boosted fruit and veggie benefit each month! ($24/child, $43/$47/$70/mom depending on pregnant, nursing, or nursing multiple babies!) Learn how you can help spread the word:
  • Advocate for expanded access to vital anti-hunger programs. There has never been a more important time to strengthen our nation’s anti-hunger programs. Sign up for our advocacy alerts to stay up-to-date on upcoming advocacy opportunities, including federal Child Nutrition Reauthorization, a key opportunity to champion investments in school meals, afterschool and summer meal programs, WIC, and more.